Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Little Bit of Chaos

Bloggers in general have this thing about doing big reveals, don't they?
I've been working on a big reveal of my own since, mmmm, May/June-ish.
It's almost time to share!!
Here are a few teasers of what's to come...
(If you only know me in real life and Instagram {@eatingcrowpie}, boy, are you in for a surprise!
July 13, 2015-  Some folks were a little confused by the pink/blue balloons and the "big bro" shirt Mayhem's wearing.
July 29, 2015
10 weeks
August 5, 2015
11 weeks
August 15, 2015
12 weeks, 3 days
August 26, 2015
14 weeks
September 5, 2015
15 weeks, 3 days
September 9, 2015
16 weeks

September 17, 2015
17 weeks, 1 day

September 23, 2015
18 weeks

October 14, 2015
21 weeks
It's a baby!

October 15, 2015
21 weeks, 1 day
I was feeling artsy this day.
November 25, 2015
27 weeks
November 28, 2015
27 weeks, 3 days
December 31, 2015
32 weeks, 1 day
January 31, 2016
36 weeks, 4 days
February 5, 2016
37 weeks, 1 day
This pregnancy has been a lot different than being pregnant with Mayhem.  We waited longer to tell people, I've gained a lot more weight (and still am!), I've been more uncomfortable with hip pain/sciatic nerve pain/round ligament pain, and something I never experienced before is the extreme swelling of my feet and hands.
I am using a different doctor and hospital this time.  He's pretty crunchy and is supportive of me wanting a natural birth and not just an epidural-less experience.  At my 34 weeks appointment he told me, "If this was Talladega you'd be in the last lap."  HA!  Last week at my 37 weeks appointment he said that he doesn't want to jinx me, but he has a good feeling about this one.  Not sure what he meant by that exactly, but me, too.
Mayhem hasn't felt the baby move because he won't be still long enough to hold his hand in one place, but he does like talking to my belly, specifically- using my belly button as a microphone to say, "Hello, baby!" in the cutest little tiny voice.
I've been driving Boots crazy with all the nesting and to-do list making.  He'll probably really appreciate it when I calm down.
Hopefully, now that we're caught up I can update more regularly.  I'm moving incredibly slow these days and it takes a really long time to get anything done.  It's going to be interesting to see what life is like with two kiddies, but I'm excited.  :)

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