Friday, April 1, 2016

Baby Reading

Reading books is was one of my favorite things to do in my spare time (spare time, ha!) for fun, but when I want/need to know something reading books, all the books!, is how I make myself an expert.  For my second baby I reread a few books I'd read with the first baby and found quite a few new ones to add to my list.  Consider this an informal book review.
These links are not affiliate links, just links because I thought I'd make it easier on you if you're interested in the book yourself.  Although, I'm not opposed to affiliate links...
From the bottom to the top:
We bought this one in 2012 for Mayhem.  I have the 2009 edition.  Not much to say about this, everybody needs a name book.  I read through the names again and we didn't pick names for Chaos from this book, but they are listed.
My insurance company sent me this one in 2012 for Mayhem.  I cracked it once about two weeks before Chaos was born because I wanted to read up on Group B Strep
I have the third edition.  Only read it this time to look up something about Group B Strep.
This was a new one for me and I loved it.  I think I read it all in a week during naptimes and before I went to bed.  I liked it because it gave comparisons on every possible option for every possible situation birth-related.  If you want to give someone a book and not sure which books they already have I recommend this one.  To the point and eliminates lots of fluff.
I have the third edition.  Never got around to reading this one.
I read this.  It was...interesting.  I don't yoga enough for it to be a good one for me.  Maybe if you do yoga regularly or more seriously it would benefit you more?
I read this one with Mayhem and reread it for Chaos.  Another one of my favorites.  The pictures are graphic (real, nekkid people).  I love this one.
Not pictured:
Another new one.  I liked this one, but it kinda set me up in a bad way.  It's all about the husband and how much he's going to help you and be involved in the labor.  Don't read it unless you a) have a reader-type husband who is going to read this and do what it says or b) can hold back unrealistic expectations easily.
Did not read this one this time.  Got rid of it.  A little too out there for me.

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