Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frank needs these. I'm thinking blue.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We had another appointment at the doctor for the baby yesterday.

We heard the little heartbeat racing away at 166 bpm. Kid must be running a race or something with those tiny legs. Ya know, it's a good thing I always have to pee because I had to give urine two separate times within an hour! One to test for bacteria and one for sugar/protein. The sugar/protein test was negative which is a good thing.

The doctor said in two months we should be able to see the baby and all the little limbs on a sonogram. We're not finding out what the baby is before it's born so we wont be looking to see that. It's going to be a surprise for everyone.

Today is eleven weeks and I haven't been sick yet although some smells make my stomach roll- cigarette smoke, vanilla scented trash bags and I don't eat jelly anymore. Maybe I can make it to the finish line without laughing at the carpet.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 Weeks (or 1/4 Down!)

Yes, I'm in my work clothes and no, I don't look pregnant.  I wanted pictures anyway.  I can do that.  Yep.

Boots said, "Hold your belly!"

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Have you heard about Sseko?  They're pretty neat and I've asked Boots for a pair for my birthday, but I haven't decided what color yet.  Check out what Pioneer Woman has to say about them here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


These days, when I pull into the driveway after work I'm already thinking about going to bed. Lately I've been getting home pretty close to bedtime. Last week one of our main workers transferred to Maryland and we have been super busy ever since. We're all working late and on our off days, I've worked eleven days in a row and have no idea when the last time my boss took a day off. It's always like that- short on help, but lots of business.

By 8:30 I barely have brain cells left to breathe on my own much less think and you can forget about house cleaning. I've been doing the absolute bare minimum: washing clothes when we run out of towels and underwear, loading and unloading the dishwasher when there's nothing clean and no room in the sink for more. Boots has been doing the major domestic work. He's cut the grass, folded clothes, starched his work uniform, vacuumed the floor, and even scrubbed the toilet one day last week! It's really nice having someone that let's you go to bed before 9 and doesn't care that you lay around on the couch more than you used to.

I've noticed that I'm weaker than I was before too. I can't lift the things I used to with as much ease as I once could. I don't know if it's because I'm so tired or what, but it certainly doesn't make work easier. Yesterday I fell over the leg of a tent we were trying to move and nearly wiped out in the cemetery.

Last night I dreamed the baby was born as triplets, two girls and a boy. Talk about exhausted.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Egg Affair

  I've always liked eggs, but now I like eggs.  Eggs are the first thing I think about in the morning when I think breakfast.  I've been on a scrambled eggs with oatmeal kick lately, then I decided to transfer over to the fried egg side.  I've never been crazy about fried eggs (all that runny yolk!), but I'll make them as Egg-in-the-Holes and cook the yolks til they're firm.  Ohmigosh, wonderful!  Salt and pepper, forget the jelly!

  Speaking of jelly, I just discovered a squeezable container of jelly (this kind) that spent the night in my purse and miraculously made it through unopened and didn't grease up everything inside!  It's my lucky day, I tell ya!

  As you can see there are two "holes" here and only one Egg-in-the-Hole. That dirty fork is guilty as charged. Couldn't help myself!

  My Egg-in-the-Hole recipe comes from my online "food mentor," Pioneer Woman. Check out the recipe here, you'll only need it once because this is one you can easily remember.

  With two egg types down and how many more to go, who knows what's next?  Poached eggs?  Eggs benedict?  "How do you like your eggs?"  (Name that movie!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pizza Date

Check out my hunky lunch date to the Mellow Mushroom. I took these last week after we spent the entire morning at the baby doctor's office. I was sure I would starve to death so there are no pictures of our pretty pizza (medium size Mighty Meaty plus mushrooms and Roma tomatoes on my half). There were no leftovers.