Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures as Promised

This first one is kinda gross.

I went down to the farm this week.
How'd you like to have those horns mounted on your wall?

(Since then I've been thinking
I would love to have a humongous peacock tail fanned out and mounted on my wall one day. 
I think that would be so pretty!)

We went swimming in the limestone pond.
This is my cousin, Pea.

Nikki even went swimming!
Here she is with my cousin, Em.

Boots and I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday.

We practiced taking pictures.
(I'm not sure why his purple shirt and tie looks blue in pictures.)

Sunday after work I got the clippers out again.

But this time not on the dog.

I cut my roommate's boy manfriend's hair and it didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself.

What a scary sight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I We got lots of things accomplished for the wedding last night.

-We bought the wedding bands.
So pretty!
(No photo, sorry!)

-We got (1) out of (6) bridesmaid dresses picked out.
(My apologies again.)

-We argued and debated and fussed and griped over Boots' suit but the mission is accomplished.
(At least I hope!)
(I'm sure you saw this coming, no photo here either.)

I still have lots and lots of things to do.
Wedding planning is no joke, y'all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank Facebook for the "Hide" Button!

Alternate titles: "My Weekend," "The Weekend," "Weekend Recap," and so on and so forth.

Question:  Why is it that in the blogging world nobody writes on the weekend?
That's like the best time for me to read and nobody writes!!
Maybe I should just save all of my unread posts until the weekend and trick myself.
I don't day I'll get to the bottom of it.

Let's see......Friday.
I was off work, I was lazy, I took Nat's advice and turned my dog into a burrito baby.
She didn't really like it but......
I went to Hobby Lobby, looked at artificial flowers, I went to the pool and saw 11 pennies on the way (what luck!).
I went with the roommate to see her grandbaby.
We stopped at Wal-Mart  >:( on the way and I had to walk down the wedding aisle.
I wasn't going to buy anything but I wanted to look.
I found these cake toppers.

How funny!
We ate quesadillas at the mall later.
Here's a picture of a redneck's version of a backseat driver.

Saturday......I worked, I went to my cousin's SURPRISE! birthday party, fell in love with a kitten (see photo below), visited family, and proceeded to develop a sore throat.

Sunday......woke up with aforementioned sore throat, I worked, skipped church, poured soap on my car so the rain could wash it, thought about going to look at cars after the salespeople have all gone home, thought about cleaning my apartment, thought about buying pots and planting sunflowers at my apartment, thought about "accidentally" dropping sunflower seeds in the grass and letting nature take its course, thought about houses.
It seems the house hunt has resumed itself as quickly as it dropped off but this time with renewed vigor.
Here's hoping.
I'm excited!

Do you watch House?
Have you noticed that they always run the same depression medication commercial at the beginning of every commercial break?
I think they think that the people that watch House are depressed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Review on Customer Service!

Oh, what a day.

First off, what's the point in taking a shower, fixing your hair, and putting on makeup to go to the dentist when the hygiene lady just gives you a bath in the chair anyways?
Apparently there was some mix up with these two brothers' appointments-one in the morning, one in the afternoon- and the mom was FREAKING out on the receptionist ladies which in turn was FREAKING them out and making them all crazy!
I hate going to the dentist and having them dig in my mouth with all that stuff.
It really hurts.
My teeth, my gums, my face is aching right now.

I saw this crazy sign that said something about donating your cut hair for the oil crisis.
How's that work?
Then I bought my wedding shoes, went back home, got the dress and went to get it altered.
Everything was going fine until some little lady with no teeth told me to come on back and get my dress on.
That was definitely not the lady I had made my appointment with because the chick I was supposed to have couldn't half speak English!!!!!!
Not a happy camper.
If those people wreck my dress I will have a duck.
I am officially Bridezilla.

Why don't dentists and dress alterations people have JD Power scores?

The roommate and I had the best luck at Sonic this evening.
Their card machine was broken so they just gave us our meal for free without asking for another form of payment of anything!
We were shocked but pleased.

Appointment with a flower shop tomorrow to get ideas.
We'll see how that goes, hopefully well.
I come from a long line of cheap skates.
Penny pinchers.
I don't like to spend money unless its something good.
This has benefited me because I have no car payment and no debt for my education.
I'm torn between arranging my wedding flowers myself (because I want to be creative, DIY, and cheap) or having a reasonably priced professional arrange them for me (because I want them to be pretty and not cheap looking or hastily thrown together.)
Decisions, decisions.
Boots has pretty much jumped off the wedding train and decided to stand out of Bridezilla's way.
(Boots, don't go!  I need help!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am surrounded by poop.
There was poop all day long at work yesterday.
Then at Target this morning, there was poop in the floor between the cash registers and the photo printer.
I swear, if I have to see or smell anybody else's poop within the next few days I am going to go insane!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I found a dime in the parking lot at work today.
That's the second one this week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures and Tiny Details

Calf on a trailer.

Flowers in a tire.


Me and Boots at graduation.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm graduating today and doing graduation things with Boots and my family.
Enjoy this picture while I'm gone.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Different Kind of Story About Boots

These are my boots that I've had them since the 8th grade.
These boots have been through a lot, can't you tell?
I've worn these boots to school, I've worn these boots to church.
I've chased cows in these boots, I've chased boys in these boots.
I've tromped through the mud and I've tip-toed through the woods.
I've rode horses and driven trucks in these boots.
These boots have been covered in mud, blood, and sweat.
They've smelled fishy and they've smelly poopy.
The soles have come loose and are starting to flap.
Time for a new pair.

I want these.
These are called "Jane" by Frye and I want them to wear with my wedding dress.
(Cue wedding director stroking out.)

I want these too.
These are made by Lucchese.
Usually $400 or so, currently on sale for $99.
I like good buys.
You like these?
Get these or pass?
Please write ideas and suggestions in comment form below.
Please don't go to email and then write me, that takes too long and I need answers NOW!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Probably Not My Best Idea

In a moment of weakness/boredom, I decided to reactivate my forgotten facebook account and see what the people I left behind were up to.
I'm sure I will regret this decision.
Folks these days just don't know how to act on The Internet and drama is sooo......dramatic.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have you heard about this thing where you voluntarily decide to let Jillian Michaels kick your butt through your TV?
Its called The 30 Day Shred  but perhaps they should call it "The Grinder" because that's what it feels like truth be told.
You give this woman 20 minutes of your time and she makes your legs turn to jelly.
By the time we got to the second round of jumping jacks I was like, "You've got to be kidding."
When we got to the kick yourself in the butt move (I am not joking people) I thought I would surely die.
So I burned a few calories and sweated like a goat and then negated the whole ordeal by eating a bowl of sugar for breakfast.
The healthy eating comes later I guess.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yes, My Middle Name is Naive

Earlier this afternoon I drug Boots (not drug as in secretly gave medicine, drug as in physically made go) to the tuxedo store to get him suited up for the wedding!
He was super enthused.
Photographic evidence to ensue.

This tux thing is exciting!
Then I drug him to Target to get registered for stuff.
You know, house stuff.
So we got the gun and I handed it over because I know that new toys/weapons are an easy way to get a man's cooperation.
It worked.

Yes, that's a grill.

Not a very flattering picture but I think he's trying to decide which grill accessory we he needs.
It was shortly after this picture that the camera batteries went dead so I missed getting pictures of him shooting all the pots in the cooking aisle.
Then Boots gets all neurotic and hunger-painish so I have to hand the gun back in and we leave The Target registered.
So I crossed two wedding to-dos off my list today.
After Target we trek 5 miles/30 minutes to the restaurant.
Boots wants to sit in the back room with all these people when the whole front of the restaurant is empty.
I am not excited.
I was definitely surprised!
Most of the people I work with had showed up at a surprise party that had been planned for me.
I was crowned with a pink tiara and sat in a chair with balloons tied to it.
Then I was presented with an assortment of gag gifts appropriately themed.
Oversized sunglasses to protect my eyes while embalming.
A play dough kit to practice my restorative art waxing recreation with.
Barrettes to keep my hair pulled back.
A toy cell phone to represent the company phone I'll eventually get (if I make it up that far.)
A pack of socks since I never match mine.
Toy keys to represent the company car I might get one day.
And a foam dart gun to shoot the boss with.
I was definitely shocked.
Its been a good day.

The End!

The time has come to rejoice and put on a flat hat!
I...ahem!...I have finally finally FINALLY passed both of my Boards!
Aaaaaaaaaaand, now sing the "Hallelujia" chorus!
I passed.
I can't believe it.
This has been one of the absolute happiest days of my life thus far.
I now have free time!
What shall I do first?
I've got a stack of books knee-high begging me to read them since now I can; guiltfree I might add.
I've got wedding planning that will procede full steam ahead!
A not-so new camera that I've been waiting to play with.
I want to exercise.
Maybe yoga?
I want to cook!
And bake!
I want to clean even!
Today has been a good day.

P.S. Dear Boots,
Thanks for your patience.
You must be a saint.