Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Random & Jump Around A Lot (Like a Rabbit)

  I've got a new project in the works to share with you, but I haven't actually started on it yet.  My plan was to begin this weekend and we all know how plans go......they don't!

  Boots and I spent a surprise weekend at an expensive little bed and breakfast I like the call The Hospital.  That's right- we were Boots was laid up for 3 days after going to the doctor Friday morning (I had a feeling I needed to pack a bag!) and getting diagnosed with acute bronchitis and gastroenteritis.  His blood counts (red or white?  I don't know!) were really high and his chest was very......congested? chesty? gummed up? sickly?

  Ya'll, I've never spent a night in the hospital, besides being born.  This weekend was not a good time.  How do nurses expect patients to get better when they won't let them rest?  I saw every hour on that clock next to the TV from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, I swear.  They'd come in and take his blood pressure and temp, leave for 45 minutes then bring meds, another 45 minutes then food, 45 minutes, breathing treatment, 45 minutes, x ray and repeat over and over and over again!  Couldn't they time their visits and all come at once?  The attention was really appreciated, believe me, but sleeping 45 minutes at a time for nearly 3 days isn't exactly restful.  (Nurse people I know, don't get all heavy on me.  I'm not downing- I'm just sharing.)

  **Funny part- once Boots was so asleep the blood pressure lady couldn't wake him up by just calling his name.  Her voice got a little panicky so I got up and shook him to wake him (I know this man, talking doesn't always work).  When he opened his eyes I said, "Wake up!  She thinks you're dead!"  I couldn't resist! **

  The unnecessary pestering was probably just ignorance on my part, after all, I don't know how this hospital business works.  They were all super nice though.  Except for this one chick that ran me over and the "pay for your room" counter and then turned out to be the "check your blood lady."  She was having a bad day though.

  Some good did come out of this weekend.  Boots and I got to spends lots of quality quantity time together and I got invited to write for an online magazine, PaperBlog!


  I thought it was spam at first, but these guys put you through a pretty rigorous sign up process to be spam.  (Now I've done it, they probably are spam!)

  I'm excited about writing for them, but scared too.  What am I going to write about?  I'm in disbelief that people that aren't related to me want to read what I write!  Oh, the pressure!

  Have you guys seen that Pixar movie, Up?  We watched it Saturday night and I loved it even though I cried in the first ten minutes.  Cartoon death scenes are really hard to take when you're sitting next to your sick husband's hospital bed.  I want to watch it again.


Brenda said...

Yea I never understood why nurses didn't roll all of their visits together also. I've only spent one night in the hospital with myself as the patient. They came in all night long but luckily I was drugged up hehe. Congrats on the paperblog thing! Did you submit your blog and then they contact you or did they just contact you out of the blue?

Rachel said...

They came to me! Total surprise!

Brenda said...

That's so awesome! Good luck with it :)

Rachel said...


Kyla said...

Girl you make me laugh! "wake up, she thinks you're dead". Too funny!

Rachel said...

I laughed too!