Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Warning You!

******Dear Uncle,

Don't read this post.  Just push that red X up at the top and go on about your business elsewhere.  You're not going to like it.******

For the rest of you still here, does your under the sink cabinet look like......


All you gotta do to fix this is pull everything out of there and organize it according to what stays and what goes, like so.  Keepers on the right, chunkers on the left.

Now this highly technical piece of equipment is a disposable aluminum tray used for cooking stuff not catching future possible leaks like we're using it in this case, but who cares?  Also that's a box of dog clipper pieces.  Being advised by aforementioned uncle to buy an "industrial cookie sheet" to use in place of this flimsy piece of metal, I've been hunting for months an appropriate substitute, but none has been found other than the ones that cost upwards of $20!  Yikes!

I'm a cheapo as you know, so I figured this less than $2 version would be perfect for the job.

As you can see, I didn't measure and/or think this thing through.  By this time, after schlepping this pan home from the store and not worrying about its state of affairs, it was dirty beyond me being comfortable returning it for somebody else to put their food in.  And because I'm cheap and not wanting to waste 2 bucks I decided to keep it and repurpose it, i.e., not food service.

Enter the keepers organizer!

Much better, right?

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