Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 51

This past week has been......well, I won't say that.  Not very nice.  We managed to skip the shots and reschedule his appointment because the doctor's office realized that they'd set him up for his one year shots before he's technically a year old.  That was fortunate because it was all down hill from there.  

The kid cut SIX teeth!  All three of us have been sleep-deprived and feel like we've been through some sort of cruel and unusual baby-torture-punishment.  Insanity!  So. Much. Crying.  Kid oughta be able to chew nails now.

In other news---

I've been demoted.

Last week, we were eating Greek yogurt and after getting yelled at for not feeding him fast enough I just gave him a loaded spoon so I could eat my own in peace.  He did pretty good, but a lot of it did wind up on his face.

I bought these weird baby spoons (made by Sassy I think) that are bent at a right angle a few months ago, but he's been too uncoordinated to use them for anything other than banging on the tray.

This morning I figured if he was hungry enough he'd figure it out so I loaded one of those weird bent spoons with oatmeal and handed it to him.  Over and over and over again.  Like I said, demoted.  From spoon feeder to spoon loader.


"Stop taking my picture while I'm trying to eat."

For lunch he fed himself green beans and spaghetti.  He's always liked green beans and they're fairly easy to pick up, but he's been very anti-pasta which is not to be confused with Italian appetizers known as antipasto.

I guess I'm just amazed.  And proud.  And happy.  And working myself out of a job like I'm supposed to be.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

I can't believe how fast he's grown. Too bad on the demotion though. Believe me, you'll still be cutting his meet until probably age 12. LOL...

Rachel said...

Yeah, I knew "steak knife wielder" was still in my job description for a while!