Thursday, July 24, 2014


I just woke myself up from a really bad dream. 

I dreamed everybody in my family that I know and love (Daddy, Haley, her husband, and my Papow were the only players in the dream though) got infected with some sort of horrible, stinky poop virus and we were all uncontrollably pooping everywhere.  Every.Where!  It was all over my clothes, in my hair. 

So vivid, how does my brain so accurately imagine what poop in my hair feels like?  Am I crazy?!?! 

I swear it took a good five minutes of eye rubbing and head shaking to clear the cobwebs and assure myself that it was not real and my insides feel fine. 

I'm going back to bed now, but wondering if I should somehow diaper myself up, just in case the Poopocalypse really does happen.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

16 Months

I took these last week when he was a little closer to 16 months than 17 months, but who's counting how long it's been since I last posted? 

(About three of you, I know!)  

It's summertime, I'm taking a break!  We're going on long walks, playing outside, doing a little cooking here and there, trying a little embroidery floss weaving on a homemade cardboard loom (that's just me, not Mayhem)...stuff like that.  

And plus I have nothing to say.  Nothing.  I haven't even been writing in my notebooks.  Well, I'm physically writing as in copying someone else's words (Psalms), but none of my own words.  There's too much swirling around my head that's not worth writing down, I don't want to be remembered as being so neurotic.

Look at those vroom-vroom lips!

We're at the age where he is so teachable.  He knows how to wipe his mouth with a napkin, he "washes" his feet in the bathtub.  He tries to put my flip flops on me or sometimes he gets his little feet in them and slides around the house.  He likes to give a kiss to us when he wakes up and feeds us imaginary food pinched between his fingers.  He's also at the age where I need to be careful what I agree to: One day he was jabbering at me and I said, "Ok."  He stomped off to the door and tried to open it to go outside!  Crazy kid!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saturday + Sunday + Monday

Friday Mayhem and I did a little traveling and spent the afternoon visiting my sister and then stayed the night with my mama.  I sorta had hopes that the curse would be reversed and he'd go back to sleeping twelve hours straight like he did the last time we stayed with her.  No such luck.  But we had a good time and got up early Saturday morning to drive some more to my stepbrother's wedding.  

You know, I consider myself to be pretty funny, but when confronted with a blank Jenga piece and asked to write something to the bride and groom on it I just slap came up empty.  Nothing!  So I had to settle for just our names.  The same went for the tongue depressors we were supposed to write date night suggestions on.  

(My stepbrother...poor fella...knocked over the unity candle before the wedding even started!  All he could do was laugh and smile and I kept thinking to myself, "SYMBOLISM!"  Let's hope not.)

Mayhem behaved very well during the ceremony and I give all the credit to Goldfish.  No loud MM MMMing like at my cousin's graduation though thankfully.

Target was having a buy one get one half off dress sale Friday so I bought three potentials to wear to the wedding without trying them on (that turned out well) and took them all back Saturday afternoon.  Some interesting clouds blew up while we were inside and it wasn't long after we made it back to the car big ol' fat rain, as Forrest Gump would say, came down.

Mayhem was exhausted and just passed out right on top of his daddy!

Since nobody was sick we went to both services at church Sunday.  When I picked him up from the nursery after the morning service the ladies told me that he'd been so good and played they didn't even know he was there.  That night was a different story.  They said he had social difficulties and fell apart when one of his little friends crawled at him too fast for his liking and then a little girl bopped him in the face for crying!  I guess it's hard learning to play with others.

Monday morning we went back to the doctor for a check up on his ears.  They seem to be about 70% better the doctor said and should finish healing on their own.  They'll check him again at his 18 month appointment in September barring any trouble between now and then.

The doctor spent most of the time talking to me about his sleep problems- Mayhem's sleep problems, not the doctor's.  I'll try anything once so last night I gave the Cry Yourself to Sleep approach another go.  It took an hour and half and about six different times of me going in to help him lay back down, but he finally went to sleep and slept the next 7 hours!

The doctor said it should take two weeks but, if we're consistent he ought to be cured of this waking up every 45 minutes nonsense.  I certainly hope so and last night was a good encouragement.