Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Review on Customer Service!

Oh, what a day.

First off, what's the point in taking a shower, fixing your hair, and putting on makeup to go to the dentist when the hygiene lady just gives you a bath in the chair anyways?
Apparently there was some mix up with these two brothers' appointments-one in the morning, one in the afternoon- and the mom was FREAKING out on the receptionist ladies which in turn was FREAKING them out and making them all crazy!
I hate going to the dentist and having them dig in my mouth with all that stuff.
It really hurts.
My teeth, my gums, my face is aching right now.

I saw this crazy sign that said something about donating your cut hair for the oil crisis.
How's that work?
Then I bought my wedding shoes, went back home, got the dress and went to get it altered.
Everything was going fine until some little lady with no teeth told me to come on back and get my dress on.
That was definitely not the lady I had made my appointment with because the chick I was supposed to have couldn't half speak English!!!!!!
Not a happy camper.
If those people wreck my dress I will have a duck.
I am officially Bridezilla.

Why don't dentists and dress alterations people have JD Power scores?

The roommate and I had the best luck at Sonic this evening.
Their card machine was broken so they just gave us our meal for free without asking for another form of payment of anything!
We were shocked but pleased.

Appointment with a flower shop tomorrow to get ideas.
We'll see how that goes, hopefully well.


Brenda said...

Sorry about that whole dentist thing. Did you take your dress to David's Bridal to have it altered?

Rachel said...


Brenda said...

They altered my dress and it turned out great so don't worry too much :)

Rachel said...

Good. That makes me feel better.