Monday, May 3, 2010

Yes, My Middle Name is Naive

Earlier this afternoon I drug Boots (not drug as in secretly gave medicine, drug as in physically made go) to the tuxedo store to get him suited up for the wedding!
He was super enthused.
Photographic evidence to ensue.

This tux thing is exciting!
Then I drug him to Target to get registered for stuff.
You know, house stuff.
So we got the gun and I handed it over because I know that new toys/weapons are an easy way to get a man's cooperation.
It worked.

Yes, that's a grill.

Not a very flattering picture but I think he's trying to decide which grill accessory we he needs.
It was shortly after this picture that the camera batteries went dead so I missed getting pictures of him shooting all the pots in the cooking aisle.
Then Boots gets all neurotic and hunger-painish so I have to hand the gun back in and we leave The Target registered.
So I crossed two wedding to-dos off my list today.
After Target we trek 5 miles/30 minutes to the restaurant.
Boots wants to sit in the back room with all these people when the whole front of the restaurant is empty.
I am not excited.
I was definitely surprised!
Most of the people I work with had showed up at a surprise party that had been planned for me.
I was crowned with a pink tiara and sat in a chair with balloons tied to it.
Then I was presented with an assortment of gag gifts appropriately themed.
Oversized sunglasses to protect my eyes while embalming.
A play dough kit to practice my restorative art waxing recreation with.
Barrettes to keep my hair pulled back.
A toy cell phone to represent the company phone I'll eventually get (if I make it up that far.)
A pack of socks since I never match mine.
Toy keys to represent the company car I might get one day.
And a foam dart gun to shoot the boss with.
I was definitely shocked.
Its been a good day.

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Brenda said...

wedding registry and surprise party! Sounds like you had a great day! Love the goofy glasses, you should totally wear those while embalming people :)