Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank Facebook for the "Hide" Button!

Alternate titles: "My Weekend," "The Weekend," "Weekend Recap," and so on and so forth.

Question:  Why is it that in the blogging world nobody writes on the weekend?
That's like the best time for me to read and nobody writes!!
Maybe I should just save all of my unread posts until the weekend and trick myself.
I don't day I'll get to the bottom of it.

Let's see......Friday.
I was off work, I was lazy, I took Nat's advice and turned my dog into a burrito baby.
She didn't really like it but......
I went to Hobby Lobby, looked at artificial flowers, I went to the pool and saw 11 pennies on the way (what luck!).
I went with the roommate to see her grandbaby.
We stopped at Wal-Mart  >:( on the way and I had to walk down the wedding aisle.
I wasn't going to buy anything but I wanted to look.
I found these cake toppers.

How funny!
We ate quesadillas at the mall later.
Here's a picture of a redneck's version of a backseat driver.

Saturday......I worked, I went to my cousin's SURPRISE! birthday party, fell in love with a kitten (see photo below), visited family, and proceeded to develop a sore throat.

Sunday......woke up with aforementioned sore throat, I worked, skipped church, poured soap on my car so the rain could wash it, thought about going to look at cars after the salespeople have all gone home, thought about cleaning my apartment, thought about buying pots and planting sunflowers at my apartment, thought about "accidentally" dropping sunflower seeds in the grass and letting nature take its course, thought about houses.
It seems the house hunt has resumed itself as quickly as it dropped off but this time with renewed vigor.
Here's hoping.
I'm excited!

Do you watch House?
Have you noticed that they always run the same depression medication commercial at the beginning of every commercial break?
I think they think that the people that watch House are depressed.

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