Thursday, May 13, 2010

I come from a long line of cheap skates.
Penny pinchers.
I don't like to spend money unless its something good.
This has benefited me because I have no car payment and no debt for my education.
I'm torn between arranging my wedding flowers myself (because I want to be creative, DIY, and cheap) or having a reasonably priced professional arrange them for me (because I want them to be pretty and not cheap looking or hastily thrown together.)
Decisions, decisions.
Boots has pretty much jumped off the wedding train and decided to stand out of Bridezilla's way.
(Boots, don't go!  I need help!)


Brenda said...

I found in my experience with wedding planning that you've got to pick the things that are important to you and spend more in those areas. I got lucky on flowers though b/c my sister works at a flower shop. I would keep in mind how stressful that day will be. Do you want to be arranging flowers while you are getting ready that morning? In the end it's your wedding, as long as you are happy with it that's all that matters. Sorry for the long comment, hope it helps. :)

Rachel said...

Whoops!! I left out the "artificial" part! That was part of the arranging my own flowers idea. I've got lots of ideas bouncing around. Thanks for the input!