Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures as Promised

This first one is kinda gross.

I went down to the farm this week.
How'd you like to have those horns mounted on your wall?

(Since then I've been thinking
I would love to have a humongous peacock tail fanned out and mounted on my wall one day. 
I think that would be so pretty!)

We went swimming in the limestone pond.
This is my cousin, Pea.

Nikki even went swimming!
Here she is with my cousin, Em.

Boots and I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday.

We practiced taking pictures.
(I'm not sure why his purple shirt and tie looks blue in pictures.)

Sunday after work I got the clippers out again.

But this time not on the dog.

I cut my roommate's boy manfriend's hair and it didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself.

What a scary sight.


Brenda said...

Swimming...I totally need to do that! I've only been once this summer. You guys look super cute all dressed up :)

Rachel said...


Don't feel bad about swimming, we've got two pools and I never go.