Friday, May 7, 2010

A Different Kind of Story About Boots

These are my boots that I've had them since the 8th grade.
These boots have been through a lot, can't you tell?
I've worn these boots to school, I've worn these boots to church.
I've chased cows in these boots, I've chased boys in these boots.
I've tromped through the mud and I've tip-toed through the woods.
I've rode horses and driven trucks in these boots.
These boots have been covered in mud, blood, and sweat.
They've smelled fishy and they've smelly poopy.
The soles have come loose and are starting to flap.
Time for a new pair.

I want these.
These are called "Jane" by Frye and I want them to wear with my wedding dress.
(Cue wedding director stroking out.)

I want these too.
These are made by Lucchese.
Usually $400 or so, currently on sale for $99.
I like good buys.
You like these?
Get these or pass?
Please write ideas and suggestions in comment form below.
Please don't go to email and then write me, that takes too long and I need answers NOW!


Brenda said...

I like the first ones best! I'm guessing you saw those on Pioneer Woman last week. I've started reading her blog and I love it!

Rachel said...

Yeah, she fuels my boot wants. I like the tall ones but I've got a big butt and they probably wouldn't even me out.