Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Is How It Started......

I got The Ring last night.
Boots and I are engaged!
I knew it was going to happen last night.
Here's how:
Boots called, "I'm getting off at two, coming to see you after work,"  I'm all, "I'll see you at six."
Six o'clock rolls around, no Boots.
I start to get worried, maybe he's perished on the highway or something.
I call him, no answer.
I'm really worried now.
He texts me back, "I'm working a wreck."
He calls me after he finishes up with his wreck, "Where are you?" I ask.
(Words of Boots in blue.)
"I'm on 468."
"Why are you there.  That road goes nowhere near my house."
"I meant the cut-off road."
"Oh! In Rileyville?"
"No.  The one down by the Academy."
"Boots, that's not the cut-off, that's the long way."
"I know where I'm going!"
We hang up, he calls back.
"Hey!  You wanna go to Bilwagan's?"
That's where our first date was, I know something is up now.
"Uhh......well, we just started cooking.  Let us discuss it."
Boots finally arrives and decides that he doesn't want to go to Bilwagan's now.
I'm thrown of the scent.
We eat (fishsticks), he goes with me to Target for me to buy my groceries.
I'm really thrown off now.
We come back and that's when the dog gets momentary possession of The Ring.
I said, "I'm going to take the dog out."
Boots says, "Oh, I'll do it."
I go talk to my roommate about some tv show called The Good Wife, walk back into the living room and the dog still hasn't been outside.
I pick up the leash, reach down around her collar to snap it on her, and I feel this metal circular thing kinda like a key ring on her collar.
When I finally see what's attached to her collar (that I know wasn't there earlier!) my face goes red and I feel so hot I start sweating and had to go stand outside on my front porch!
I feel like the girl on Father of the Bride, "I'm getting married!  AHH!!!!"
I'm so happy!


Brenda said...

Did he get on one knee and ask at this point or did you start saying yes as soon as you saw the ring :) ?

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Congratulations! Very cool proposal indeed. LOL on the fish sticks - that's awesome.

Rachel said...

He got on one knee but his version of the story says that I was about to hyperventilate (I disagree) so he stood back up. It was so funny. And so me! I couldn't have imagined it any better!

Nicole Nyberg said...

Reminds me of my engagement story...He proposed in front of a restaurant full of people and I tried to get him to shut up. It wasn't until he got down on one knee that it registered that he was proposing.Congrats Rachel!

Rachel said...

One of my friends yelled at her fiance to "get up I just ironed those khakis!" before she figured out what was happening!

Anonymous said...

Is the dog going to be the ring barer in the wedding.
Papa Boots