Friday, September 20, 2013

Bathing Baby

How about some pictures of a cute baby taking a bath for your Friday? 

I love that he's big enough to sit in the sink now, but I was super paranoid he'd fall over and drown while I was holding the camera taking these pictures.  I haven't figured out how to wash his hair without water running down his face either.  Also, can drinking soapy water do anything bad to your insides?  This kid loves taking sips out of that little, blue boat.


Ginny said...

Let his face get wet, gently, and you have a happy reaction to it, so he will, too. Do it on purpose, to teach him that it is ok. While shampooing, you can put a bath cloth over his eyes, but if you've already gotten him used to the feeling of water running down his face not being a bad thing, and if the bath cloth slides down or something, he won't have a fit. They make baby shampoo almost as mild as water now, anyway. When he gets older, he can hold the rag himself. Or, do without one (like you do).

Rachel said...

He doesn't really care that he has water pouring down his face I just felt kinda bad because it made him sputter! Haha