Monday, September 23, 2013

An Entire Month

Have you ever thought about doing the same thing for an entire month just to see what it would do to you?  Maybe it was something radically life-changing like walking five miles a day to lose weight and be healthier or maybe it was more simple and disciplined like making your bed every morning.  Have you ever thought about writing about something every day for a month, or in this case, reading about it?

The Nester has hosted a writing challenge link-up on her blog for five Octobers.  It's a challenge to write about one topic for 31 days straight.  (It's definitely a challenge, at least it would be for me!  It would be difficult for me to stick to one thing only because I'm a rabbitual writer, meaning I bounce around from one thing to the next like a rabbit.  Ask my high school English teacher, she'll tell you.  Also, "rabbitual" is my entry for the Urban Dictionary.)  I've wanted to participate since I first heard of it two years ago, but I've had a hard time coming up with a viable topic.  What would I write about every day for a whole month?

This year, she's created categories and when you sign up you should fit in under one of them.  Here are her categories and a few possible ideas bouncing around in my head.

House & Home
Simplicity & Organizing
Family Life
Personal Endeavors
Too Awesome to be Categorized

For 31 days straight I could take before and after pictures of little projects I'm (I use that word loosely) doing around the house.  Believe me, I could come up with 31 little projects that need doing.  Probably 3100.  I wouldn't have to actually do a project every day since the objective is to write every day, not do every day.

I could write about things I'm learning to do, like sewing, and things I want to really get into, like making bread or being committed to exercising every day.

I could write about what I'm cooking for my family and share recipes.  I could share my experience of not eating sugar for a month.  October Unprocessed is also next month and I could share a month of eating entirely unprocessed.  

Or I could just write about me.  I could share funny stories and memories and my endless supply of crazy dreams.

What would you read?  I'm open to suggestions.  If you're a blogger and participating, what are you writing on?  (I promise not to steal your idea!)

P.S. Mayhem is not a topic.  He's a regular occurrence here and will remain so.  This is "extra."

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