Saturday, September 7, 2013

6 Months!

Prepare yourself- photo overload ahead!

  Yesterday was Mayhem's very merry unbirthday, am I the only one in disbelieve that he's really six months old?  I mean, really, where did this little chunk come from?  It seems like I just got him and now look!

  Boots and I are having the best time with him.  Babies are so much fun!  Our latest source of fun has been giving him different foods to try and watching his reaction.  He's tried homemade pizza crust, green grapes, peach smoothie, grilled cheese crusts, banana, homemade biscuits, Olive Garden breadstick, watermelon, peach, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, dill pickle chip, and homemade pancake.  He doesn't like the bread, maybe it's a texture thing because he curls his lips up and turns away.  He really likes fruit, the grapes, peaches and watermelon were huge hits.  The pickle really surprised us.  We expected a strong reaction to the bitterness, but he liked sucking the juice out of it.  

  Having a baby for six months has taught me a lot- allowing more time for everything, the value in a clean shirt, doing things one-handed, but so far it hasn't taught me to quit stressing and just let things happen.  I tend to get a little worried fairly easily, but I'm slowly learning that naps work themselves out, babies poop eventually, and growth spurts don't last forever.

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