Monday, September 9, 2013

Do I Look That Young?

I finally went to the library today.  It's been well over a year since I was last there and the place still smells like plastic and fresh paint not books, sadly. 

This was Mayhem's first ever trip to a library so of course I had to get a picture.

The real purpose behind the visit was threefold- 1: I walked there, so, exercise; 2: Boots says I need to get out more; and 3: I need some "light" reading. 

Everything I've been reading the past few months, at least, has been what I call "educational."   Books about raising children, nutrition, relationships, money, and my Bible.  Sometimes my brain needs to decompress with something fun and I've really wanted to read something easy lately, but where is my library card?
Last night my aunt asked me (again) if I'd read The Hunger Games trilogy.  I tend to like things less when the whole world is obsessed with them but since she's mentioned it twice in as many years they must be worth it. 

After 10 minutes of scratching furiously through 3 seriously organized (really now?) drawers I finally found that elusive, blue ticket to free books.  Another 7 minutes of walking behind Mayhem's new umbrella stroller and trying desperately not to trip because I kept kicking the wheels with my big feet and we were there. 
I couldn't find the books I was there for (all 3 checked out) and after Mayhem pooted I decided it was time to go before somebody thought I was the gassy one, so I snatched up a book about Phil Robertson and checked out.

When we got back home I studied my receipt to see when the book is due back and noticed in tiny print right underneath my name: "Patron Report Class: Children." 

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