Saturday, June 5, 2010

The One Where Rachel Explains It All......

This whole blog thing is really a Catch 22.
(I'm not very good with sports analogies but I believe the phrase "Catch 22" means something you can't win at.
Blogging is about taking photos and documenting interesting parts of your life.
In order to do so, you must always carry and camera around and snap lots of pictures and plan, write, and edit your posts in your head before typing them out.
Or at least that's how I do it.
My blogging has really been slacking lately.
I either don't have anything interesting going on or I'm doing something interesting and don't think to document.
I can't win.
Catch 22.
Therefore, I'm proposing a hiatus of sorts.
I think I will just not write until I have something really good to write about.
For example, Boots and I have resumed The House Hunt once again.
For reasons of premature undying love I have decided not to get attached until we are attached so I will not be posting pictures and/or documenting house hunting in great detail (or for that matter, any detail) until there is significant reason.
Oh, and, I went to a rodeo last night with Boots and a new friend.
It was nasty muddy and Boots got my car stuck and we had to get some redneck cowboys to push us but I have no pictures because I wasn't packing a camera.
Catch 22.
So for now I say goodbye.
I will be back when the time is write right.


Brenda said...

NOOOOO!!!! I will just have to stalk you on Facebook ;) Good luck with the house hunting and wedding stuff. I hope to see you blogging again soon. I promise I won't be upset if there aren't any pictures.

Pearl said...

Even when you don't have anything to post as you put it, your still funny as hell! Even with the mundane. So keep on posting kid, Pearl

Rachel said...

Thanks, Pearl, I needed that.

And, Brenda! Thanks for being so comment-y!