Wednesday, July 23, 2014

16 Months

I took these last week when he was a little closer to 16 months than 17 months, but who's counting how long it's been since I last posted? 

(About three of you, I know!)  

It's summertime, I'm taking a break!  We're going on long walks, playing outside, doing a little cooking here and there, trying a little embroidery floss weaving on a homemade cardboard loom (that's just me, not Mayhem)...stuff like that.  

And plus I have nothing to say.  Nothing.  I haven't even been writing in my notebooks.  Well, I'm physically writing as in copying someone else's words (Psalms), but none of my own words.  There's too much swirling around my head that's not worth writing down, I don't want to be remembered as being so neurotic.

Look at those vroom-vroom lips!

We're at the age where he is so teachable.  He knows how to wipe his mouth with a napkin, he "washes" his feet in the bathtub.  He tries to put my flip flops on me or sometimes he gets his little feet in them and slides around the house.  He likes to give a kiss to us when he wakes up and feeds us imaginary food pinched between his fingers.  He's also at the age where I need to be careful what I agree to: One day he was jabbering at me and I said, "Ok."  He stomped off to the door and tried to open it to go outside!  Crazy kid!

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