Monday, December 5, 2011


If you've ever had the pleasure misfortune of putting one of these tree holder thingies together from a million bajillion pieces then you'll understand what I'm saying, if you haven't just let your husband take yours apart after Christmas this year and when next year rolls around and you try to put the tree up we'll talk.  ;)

I got mad, ya'll.  Really, really mad.  Like throwing the pieces in the box and packing up Christmas mad.  Mad enough to duct tape Boots to the bed (he was asleep the whole time), pour sugar water all over him, and leave the front door open for the ants!

Not a good time.

To make matters worse, that smarty-pants put that tree stand together in five minutes after he got up!

Here it is after twice putting it together and twice stringing the lights.  (I string lights in levels.)

Look how cute Nikki is waiting on Santa!

Here's the bad boy after lights and sticks.  I picked up sticks, painted them white in my paint shop back yard on a piece of cardboard, let them dry, and stuck 'em in the tree.  Sounds pretty simple.  It is.

After lights and sticks, I added my glitter poinsettias.

Then, I wrapped on the red ribbon and threw on some white yarn.  I have no idea where the white yarn came from (it was in the decorations box) and I had it so I used it.

That paper cone tree was gold last year, but this year it got a white spray paint makeover.  If you've noticed, yes, the tree is in the kitchen; the living room is too crowded to hold the tree this year.  

Oh, and remember what I said about presents?  I still haven't bought any.  That price in the title is for the paint I bought at the hardware store.  That's all I've spent on Christmas this year.

I've still got a few more decorations to put up so expect at least one more post on Christmas trees.  I've still got writer's block, but at least I'm cranking out something!


Emi said...

I love the tree! It's beautiful! I'm also sorry the turkey turd made you mad. Love u!

Rachel said...

Thanks! Love you too!

Brenda said...

You guys are doing better than us. I've been trying to find the time to put up our tree. It's got to happen at some point b/c my family is coming to my house for Christmas. The tree looks great!

Rachel said...

Gotta get motivated! :)