Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanksgiving for Christmas!

My anger against Christmas grows every year.  It's not Christmas that I'm so unhappy with, it's the fact that Christmas (like Easter) is just another commercialized holiday (like Halloween and don't get me started on the V-day that is for lovers) and I hate it.  Thanksgiving has won the coveted spot of being my favorite holiday the past few years in a row.  Simply put, I love Thanksgiving.  All your family gets together, everyone cooks and visits and has the best time catching up.  Christmas is all that plus decorating a tree, stressing over buying presents, the perfect present, junk that never gets used, all the commercials on TV, waiting in line everywhere you go, bratty kids making mile-long lists.

It's too much.  The hype is killing me.  No more.  This year will be different.  This year I'm having Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving for Christmas.  I will still put up the tree but there will be no exchange of presents like last year and the years before.  We're all broke anyway so why are we doing this to ourselves?

Dear Family,

You've been put on notice.  No commercialization at my house.  It's Thanksgiving, plus a tree.  Maybe we'll start new traditions like reading Luke 2 instead of opening presents.  Not to be cheesy, but your "presence" will be the "present".

Love, Rachel

P.S. NO presents!!


Anonymous said...

We are with you all the way. We stopped the Christmas thing a while back. After much research we decided this was what was right for us. Papa Boots

Rachel said...


Nana Terri said...

I'm not surprised. You live by caring for people not things. Thank you for the love you have brought to our family. Nana Terri