Monday, October 10, 2011

The Hunt for a Rug in October

Ya'll, this past week has been nothing but rugs in my head- sisal, cotton, chenille, indoor, outdoor, and then the patterns and designs!  The patterns, oh!, the patterns!  Stripes?  I've been measuring, sticking tape down, and rearranging furniture in my head too.  The perfect rug will make a room and I'm not settling, although Boots may resort to desperate measures to get me to shut up about all this rug business.

This rug is surprisingly soft.

Target, no link to a better photo.  These guys are kinda plain in a good way.

This is an outdoor rug, with four different borders to choose from, at a local rug shop.  The great thing about this rug is that it can be washed with dish soap and water.

At that rug shop, I learned that natural rugs are not good for wet areas such as kitchens because they were once living (sisal & jute- plants, wool- animals) and tend to be affected by water and heat more so than synthetic fibers.  I really like the way wool feels.  Bedroom, perhaps?

Ok, so this is a curtain and not a rug, but I love it!

This one too!

Nice, but expensive.

Pier 1, no link.  Didn't really like this anyways.

Hello, pretty!  Pier 1, no link.

Just when I almost lost hope of ever finding the perfect rug, Boots and I went out to dinner with some friends and I convinced him to stop at Kirkland's before we went home.

(This is the good part.)


This beeeeutiful paisley rug screamed at me, "Take me home, lay me down, and love me forever!"  So I did. Or I am.  It just felt right.  I knew that this was the rug I've been waiting for.

Regular $80, marked down to $60, I paid $55 tax included.  Don't ask where that extra $5 discount came from, I didn't either.  The price was comparable to other rugs that size I'd been checking out.

I can't decide.  This way......

......or this way?

The kids like it too.

We have a winner!  

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