Wednesday, October 26, 2011

13 Months + 1 Day = Us

Ain't it funny how you always realize things about yourself when you're driving down the road?  Just me?

This weekend, driving down the road, duh!, I got a glimpse of just how weird and mixed up inside I am.  For instance, if you tell me some random fact that I did not previously have stored in my brain I will take it as that's all she wrote, Amen!, and there'll be no telling me any different from then on.  Absorbent as a super sponge!

However, if you are to tell me some random fact that I might have had previously stored in my brain and or already heard conflicting evidence of the same fact, I will question you to no end on its validity and ask a million different questions, "Why?  Why?  Why?" over and over again until you either crumple on the floor in agony from brain-question-overload or I'm satisfied with your answer, whichever comes first.

The second part of this realization drives my husband nuts.  He's really very sweet and patient with me most of the time (he's the good one of the two of us), but when I start on the whys he gets kinda testy.  I've been trying to work on the whys (my mother says I've done that since I was a wee tot), but its really a hard habit to break.

Boots gets particularly aggravated when Realization #1 and Realization #2 collide.  I can tell he reeeeeally wants to wring my neck when I take other people's peoples' the words of others at face value and question him for every. little. detail.

They even tell you not to do that in all the marriage books I've read!  (I'm not the only one?)  "Don't question your husband!!!!!!"  There goes my marriage.  But seriously, we've got a great thing going on.  (if I could just learn to shut my mouth)

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