Friday, October 7, 2011

Words I Don't "Get"

Do you ever hear words spoken in very formal settings (like radio shows the whole country listens to) that make you scratch your head on the inside of your brain and think, "Is that correct?"  Just me?  Hmmp!

Words I Don't "Get":

1. Disconnect

I always thought this was a verb- Disconnect the electricity before I get electrocuted wouldja?!

Apparently its also a noun- We're experiencing a huge disconnect in communication!  

2. Journal 

Previously, I believed that "journal" was a noun, a noun that meant a bound notebook used for private writing.  These days folks are using it as a verb also.  What's up with all the nouns masquerading as verbage these days?  Is verbage a legit word?  Merriam-Webster says, "No, but verbiage is."  So its a word, but I can't spell.

I'll use it in a sentence.

I think its good for you to journal, it helps get your feelings out.

Add -ing and its a......what're -ing words?  It's been a long time since 8th grade grammar.  Moving on!

Journaling is a stress reliever.  (Spell check and Merriam-Webster say "journaling" is not a word.

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