Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Go To Sleep

Lately the past year or so when I'm home alone, or Boots is asleep, or if I'm just plain ol' bored I start thinking about things I can do to our house that I've read about online.  Since we are in the middle of a home renovation I get lots of crazy ideas.  Like this.

This is the knob on our bedroom door.  Nothing fancy or spectacular, but that's ok.

It's sad to think about somebody just carelessly slopping paint all over the button latch thingy parts.

I'll skip the boring part-- taking off the hardware, sanding, buying spray paint, buying deglosser (forgot it the first trip)-- and get to the fun stuff!

You know what, poking all those holes in the cardboard with the screws really wasn't that fun.  Kinda hurt my fingers.

Initially, this project started out in the front yard; however, due to a fashion mishap that is holey low-rise jeans that are my "work" pants that I do "work" stuff in, like paint, that tend to show my flashy backside, I moved inside the that's-why-they-call-it-privacy fence to the back yard so no one except the squirrels could see me.

The squirrels dropped acorns at me while I was taking these pictures.

This is one coat.

Ain't they pretty?

Boots is going to die! when he realizes there's glitter in the paint!

My instructions said wait about 20 minutes between coats, but I just don't listen so I gave it at least 30 minutes (sometimes 45, once an hour!) just to be sure they weren't sticky.

Lots of checking to make sure leaves weren't piling up on them.

And Frank, just sunning.


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Rachel said...

Thanks for dropping in!