Tuesday, February 19, 2013

36 Weeks

Six weeks ago I was kind of freaking out about only having ten. weeks. left.  This week, I'm excited about only having four weeks left!  The nerves are gone (for now) and I am ready to have this baby (not that ready!)  The baby's room is mostly set up (still have some washing and folding to do) and I have everything I really need for the first few weeks or so thanks to a very nice baby shower and many, many gifts. 

Seriously, I'm excited.

Last Thursday, Boots and I went to our (mine, really) 35 week check up.  Everything is looking good as far as blood pressure, urine, belly measurements, baby's heartbeat blah dee blah. Doctor says I'll be coming in every week now and they'll be "checking" me every time from now until Junior gets here. 

Oy.  "Checking" 

Makes me feel like a cow.  My daddy "checks" his cows every single day, at least once a day, to see which ones are "spranging" as he calls it.  My uncle "checks" his cows too, to see how their "petunias" are looking because obviously that's how you know when a baby is coming.  Moo.

Also, what's up with my family and their weird names for specific body parts?  Shouldn't we call things what they really are instead of "petunias" and "luggage"?  (Boy, this is getting weird.)  I'll be the parent that gets a phone call from the teacher because my kid is using the clinical, scientific terms for body parts and not the pet names everyone gives them.

I'm not excited about having somebody's eyeballs in places I don't want them.  I've been told that by the time the baby gets here I'll be over that, but I don't think so.  Modesty, she's a hard-headed old girl.

After the appointment, Boots and I headed to the Targets and spent approximately 34 minutes on the carseat aisle deliberating.  Trying to decide on one of those things felt like going out to buy a house again.  Oh, the agony!  They all get the job done safely, but which one?  Whichonnnnneeeeee?????  Ultimately, I folded and pointed out which ones I didn't want and said, "You pick." 

He did.  It's huge, weighs a solid ton.  Now he wants to get a bigger car.  I'm not ready for that yet.  Too many changes too fast!  Make it stop!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ha Ha! Never let a man pick - they will have the biggest, fastest, the one with the most bells and whistles in your cart in no time.

I understand family terminology all to well. I sometimes wonder how we all turned out with mental scars. LOL!

Before you know it...

Heath Heaton said...

Well I picked the one that I thought would of been the safest and adsorb most of the impact if we where in a car crash.

Rachel said...

Yes, you did! The baby and I thank you for that!

Heath Heaton said...

I picked the one I thought would better protect our child.

Heath Heaton said...

Sorry for the double post my phone is going crazy.

Rachel said...

Your phone isn't crazy, I had to approve your comment before it would show up.