Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Boots,

When I was seventeen and shopping for my first prom dress, we stopped at David's Bridal (No, I did not get paid to name-drop) to see what they had.
There was a woman there who was trying on wedding dresses and decided on a beautiful poofy gown.
It was black with white flowers jumping down the side of it and a white bar across the top and white inside.
So pretty.
Since that time I've been in love with black wedding dresses.
I'm subscribed to Etsy's daily whatever list and today......oh, just look what they recommended!

Dear Boots,
Love, Rachel


Nicole Nyberg said...

I'm not a fan of Black wedding dresses, but this one is acceptable. Its pretty all right.

Rachel said... is not Satanic!

Anonymous said...

I am down with this one. It is beautiful and if the two of you like it well that is all that matters. As you future Father-in-Law (and this will be the only time I will use that term) I will support y'all decision.

Papa Boots

Rachel said...

Thanks Papa Boots but some folks would seriously stroke if I wore a black wedding dress! Black is my best color though.