Friday, February 12, 2010

This is Alabama, Folks, and I'm a Scrooge

It's snowing.
It's snowing in Alabama.
We're apparently participating in "Southern Storm" which I like to call "The Blizzard of 2010."
How stupid, snow in Alabama.
I hate snow.
I am the Grinch.
Look at this nonsense!
My poor car.
My poor, poor car.
Summer's coming soon, right?


Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm so sorry Mother Nature has decided to turn on you...

Anonymous said...

Well you would have hated the 8 inches we got here in Texas,
Papa Boots

Rachel said...

If Boots decides to pack up to move to Texas we gotta live in the Southern part of the state or I won't be outside between the months of November through March!