Thursday, October 9, 2014

19 Months of Mayhem

Mayhem photo overload because I have no self-control:

Those eyebrows!

I'm sorry (not really!) if that was excessive.  He's just so dang cute I want to squeeze him and pinch him sometimes!

Let's see, what has he been up to lately... We've got some new words!  "Nool" for noodle (we eat a lot of pasta, apparently), "mimmee" is milk (see also trying to climb up the fridge by pulling on the handles), he says "noooooooo" when he doesn't want to do something like get dressed or a particular stuffed animal is not what he wants to cuddle with when he's trying to go back to sleep.  Poor stuffed animals, getting thrown around in the middle of the night when all you want is to be held tight!  He says "onno" at random times, repeatedly, but I'm not sure of the exact baby-to-English translation of that one.

Brushing his teeth was a bit of a struggle, but I bought baby toothpaste (it's tooty fruity flavored, probably not found in nature) and have convinced him that we are tickling his teeth so now it is much easier to get him to brush his teeth.  And much harder to get him to stop brushing his teeth.  

I had no idea that favorite colors would be a thing this soon, I kinda didn't expect that until about kindergarten or so.  A few weeks ago I bought a 100-count bag of plastic balls and turned his playpen into a homemade ball pit because I have a somewhat irrational fear that the ball pits at public play places have used druggie needles in them.  And probably abandoned nasty diapers.  Let's not think about that!  So now the hated, dreaded playpen has become a mesh-sided rectangle o'fun!  Back to the favorite colors part: he will throw the balls out (of course), but the majority of the ones he throws out, sometimes all of them, are orange!  Does that mean he likes the orange ones best?  Maybe he hates orange?  Maybe he just notices the orange ones better?  There's red and pink in there too amongst the green and two different shades of blue.  Children are complex.

He's still really enjoying Frank being in the house.  He offers Frank crackers and tries to poke his sippy cup of milk in Frank's mouth.  A few mornings ago I put olives in our eggs for breakfast (kinda salty, needed some tomatoes), but Mayhem didn't like the olives.  He dropped one over the side of his high chair tray and told a waiting, scavenging Frank, "Yum yum."  Ha!

He gets really freaked out when Frank sneezes or coughs.  Like hysterical crying.

He's still afraid of dogs, but has no fear around chickens.  

Last week when asked what the cow says he replied with a shut-lipped "mmmmmmm."  This week, cows say "ommmmm" or "maaaa."  We're getting there!  But the newly discovered moon is a "moo."

Sometimes when he hears something he'll poke his finger on the end of his nose and listen intently.  He thinks he's got his finger on his lips like I do when I'm "shhhh-ing", but as long as the finger isn't in the nose he's too cute for me to correct.  

I don't think I could stand it if I had two.  I'd probably just melt!  ;)

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

You're right - he is too darn cute - those pudgy cheeks need to be pinched!