Friday, September 26, 2014


I caught Frank Wednesday afternoon and brought him back in the house to be reassimilated to indoor living.  He spent most of the first 24 hours hiding under the spare bed, refusing to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom until I started to wonder, even though I wasn't really worried, if he would starve or blow up.  Night time is a different story.  He's lonely and expresses his displeasure too loudly, which is partly why he got tossed outside in the first place.  You think he'd learn, or maybe he has?

Mayhem is way too excited about his one animal friend being more available more often for playdates and likes to get right down in Frank's face and yell his happiness in indistinguishable jabbers.  Lots of petting and "awwww's" and one occasion of thinking cats were pets that liked plastic balls thrown at their heads.

Last night before bed and after Frank decided to quit pouting, Mayhem force fed him his supper, one piece of kitty food at a time, reassuring Frank with lip smacking and "numnumnum" that it really is good.  First hand knowledge?  I hope not. 

Frank is still bored at night so I've been up since 4 keeping him company.  Good thing I like the early morning.

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