Monday, July 30, 2012

I just did something really dumb. Maybe it's more practical than dumb, but either way, what I did and didn't do could have and should have been different. I'm not bragging about my stupidity or looking for consoling words. I want to share my mistake so maybe next time I will do better.

I had the chance to give someone a ride and I didn't. I don't know her name, I only know her because she works the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant close to the funeral home where I work. So I don't really know her. She's always very nice to me and my boss and complimented my car once. Giving her a ride out of the heat would have been the thing to do had I not been too preoccupied talking on my cell phone to notice her until after I'd passed her. She even recognized my car and turned around to look after I went right past her. I thought about turning around and going back to get her, but as I debated with myself the distance between us grew.

What good are reading books about inspiring people, like Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to the poor and Nate Saint who was killed rather than save his life from someone who hadn't yet heard about Jesus, if I'm going to be too afraid to take a chance when I have it? I failed today.


Heath Heaton said...

I don't think you did wrong. This day and age you can't be too safe soxs. I have seen it one too many times where someone is trying to be helpful and get hurt or robbed.I might stop and help but I also looking for the worst and plus I have my AUNT with me on my side.
Sincerely, Boots

Rachel said...

I think I would have been ok. She's really skinny and probably (maybe) likes me enough not to kill me.