Monday, January 13, 2014


*I apologize in advance to your eyeballs.  It is not easy to photograph a tan box on a tan counter.  Don't get me started on the level of difficulty in photographing swirling tea.  Much harder than babies even.*

Have you heard about Teadrops?  Probably not, they're new (unless you saw my pic on Instagram a while back!)  Sashee was so sweet to send me a box to try right before Christmas and I promised her a review in return.  Review or not, y'all, these are good!

I was so excited when my package came with this cute little wooden box inside!

The top slides away and you can see the little teadrops patiently waiting for you.  (I've already used several, but my box came with 8.)

Directions?  Right on the side!

Keurig and Starbucks don't have anything to do with this, but that's how I got my hot water and that's my favorite ceramic mug.

One cup of hot water...

One teadrop...

Unwrapped, of course...

Drop it in and wait!  Immediately, the teadrop starts to dissolve and things get happenin'!  Little bubbles are floating and the grains are spreading out everywhere!

About a minute later, you get this.

Stir it well.  (That's a fork.  I hadn't ran the dishwasher in two days so all my spoons were dirty.  But you can't tell!  Carry on!)

The teadrop is already sweetened, but at Sashee's recommendation I added a little milk.  That's how the English drink their tea, I hear.

Sashee sent me the cardamom spice flavor, which I've never tried before and jumped at the chance to add something new to my (very) short list of Teas I've Drank.  

My tea connoisseurship is pretty sad.  My palate is not refined enough to detect notes of whatever dirt the tea was grown in or the specific mortar and pestle that ground the spices.  Basically, it was delightfully sweet and tasty, kinda reminded me of English Breakfast tea.  

I even managed to talk my sister (the one that only eats white bread and chicken fingers) into trying a cup and although it wasn't really her thing, I think she admitted that she liked it.  :)

It will definitely give you a caffeine jolt though, which I really appreciate on those days I feel like ZombieMommy!  

One bit of advice though?  Unless you like the taste of grains I wouldn't drink it down to the last drop.  Just wash that part out.  A small price to pay for such a lovely cuppa!

If you're the least bit curious, check them out.  More flavors are being developed as we speak!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ooh very cool. I'm only a casual tea drinker, but these look interesting. I wonder if I can get them in Canada.

Rachel said...

Go to the website and then shoot her an email. They actually just released a new flavor yesterday too!