Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer, May-July 2015

If you're on your phone I suggest swapping to a computer.  This post contains nearly allllll the pictures I've taken in the past two months, mostly in chronological order.  It's a lot.  And this is what's been keeping me from writing, besides laziness and Internet availability, of course.

Here we go!


This horse was such a sweet pest.  She kept sniffing my hair, my clothes, she tried to pull one of my shoes off.

Poppies in May

Poppies in May

One thing that's kept me busy has been more work.  Boots and I started a lawn care business in May.  Boots does the cutting and such and I am weeder número uno.  This is the flower bed in front of the horse three pictures above.  It took me seven hours to weed it one day and since then everything has grown and gotten so beautiful.  You'll see that a little later.
Boots and Mayhem catching a quick nap while waiting for my sister's graduation to start.
We finally made a nurse out of this girl!
We graduated this sister from high school.  It rained, we got soaking wet, and looked like rats.
My daddy finally got a boy that wants to drive all of his tractors.
It's a little difficult figuring out how to ride babies on rocking horses.
We also graduated my cousin from high school. 
Vacuum cleaner Mohawk!
Too early one morning.
This was Mayhem's first attempt at putting his shoes on.
Figuring out the pattern for my quilt squares one night in the living room floor.
Our waterfall in our VBS room.
Pinning the layers of my sister's baby's quilt that I'm working on.
I have no words for this mess.
He sleeps just like his daddy- flopped around everywhere with the blankets ripped off.
The zinnias and gladiolas one early June morning.
Tiny recliner for a tiny man.
I'm always washing dishes and it always looks like this.  Ay yi yi!
 This is "my" garden at my uncle's house before the okra grew up past our heads,
before the tomatoes grew up and we cut the blackberry vines back,
and before we pulled up the dead English peas and the squash grew so wide you can't walk around it.
My couch looks like this a couple times a week, too. 
Putting penguins in the house I built him. 
Isn't this hibiscus beautiful?  Plus, Mayhem in the background mocking the dog yawning.
Riding the horsie!
Fabric shopping!
Purchases from our favorite fabric store.
We picked blueberries for five hours one morning.  8 (or was it 9?) of these pans full.
"Take Scout pit-churr!"
"Take them pit-churr!"
I love taking sleeping pictures of him.
A new cow trough swimming pool.
Shasta daisies in July
Sunflowers in July
Indoor fishing
Fighting a fever from too many ant bites

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Boy, you've been VERY busy. Congratulations on the new business venture!