Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mayhem 2.5

Cheesing before church one morning.

He had a little fever virus in August and was so cuddly grumpy for a few days.

He loves his baby!

The morning we moved he slept super late.  We carried him outside on the mattress and set it on the trailer before he woke up!

Wallerin' in the floor with my sister in September.

Walking to our trailer in the dried crusty mud- "Here me are. ..... Here I am!" "I can walk. I can walk with my shoes and I can walk with my feet."  "Argh argh! These rocks hurt. Some rocks tickle some rocks hurt. These rocks hurts."

"Breakawist" = breakfast

"Don't get my nose, I need to breath"

Twistated = twisted, as in "My diaper is twistated."

For a while he kept an imaginary dog in a real pen and fed it corn every day.

Anybody: "What have you been eating?"  Mayhem: "Bricks with my friends!"

"I eat all your groceries!!"

"You're breaking me!"

He discovered stop signs along the road and would yell "Stop, Mama, STOP!" when I was driving for a few weeks.

"At" ends every sentence.

"What IS that?"

"You leave me?"

It was pretty mindblowing for him to realize that everything has/is a mama/daddy and we had MANY conversations about is THAT the mama/daddy whatever quite frequently.  See also everything has pee pee and/or poop.

"Chawberries" = strawberries
"Chewdiber" = screwdriver
"Tuhtie" = cookie
"Joofer" = rooster
Cheese puffs = "chipmunks"
Griddle = "skateboard" 
"Swimming toot" = swimming suit

Bridges/sheds were kind of confusing for a while.  We drove under sheds and parked under bridges.

Physically, he can skip, but not jump.

"Help you," he says, not "help me." 

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S & K pierce said...

Hi Rachel, this is SKIM. remember me? Mayhem looks just like you! Too early to tell who Chaos will look like. You are such a great writer! Love seeing your beautiful spirit!