Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY- Curtains!!!

Ok, folks.  What you've got here is your very own how-to tutorial on hanging curtains, not making curtains if you were mislead by the title.

If you don't need help hanging curtains or don't feel the need to read a picture heavy post about hanging curtains you might want to skip this one.  Yes, they're just curtains, but hello! we're homeowners now and its kinda fun being able to do whatever you want to your own house.  :)

The other night we did some shopping at the Target and wound up on the curtains aisle.  First, we decided on a rod- we chose one with double rods so that we could hang two sets of curtains cohesively.  (Cohesively?  Does that word really work in a sentence about curtains?)  Then we picked out the curtains, a thin white one for the inner curtain and a thicker chocolate one that matches our bedspread for the outer curtain.

I got kinda bored today so I went ahead and did the dirty work (i.e. measuring and marking for the drill holes) because precision isn't Boots' game.  The white curtain's box says that it's 60" x 84", the chocolate curtains are 42" x 95".  Our wall is 95" high/tall/long? and the window is 35" wide.  The curtain rods are an adjustabe 48-88" wide.  Insert complex mathematical equations.  NOT!

Half of the window (35") is 17.5".  Make a teeny tiny mark over the window so I'll know exactly where "center" is.  I measured up to 90" on the wall and made a mark so I'd know whereabouts how tall I wanted them to hang.  Then I split the difference (does that mean "divided twice?") of 48" and measured 6.5" right and left of the window frame and 6" up so that I'd be exactly 90" from the ground and slapeven from the center of the window. 

Are you confused?  Me too.  Let's get to the pictures!

Directions.  Duh!

48" like I said.

My handy dandy helpful kitchen chair!


Curtain rod bracket thingy

Go back and make an X over the original X.  (Curtains will now be higher than 90" --eh.  Don't tell Boots my precision is off!)

The ingredients!  I mean, pieces!

Boots studying the directions.

Ha!  Have you met my husband?

Think that drill bit's big enough?

I think he's screwing the white drywall things in.

More drilling.

Drillin' in the screws.

Putting the bracket up.


Tada!  One down, two to go.

The rest of the pictures were too blurry to share.  Its really hard to take clear pictures of a man who is in a hurry on a project.  We did this whole thing (with exception of the measuring) in about twenty minutes.  Maybe less.

White curtain up!

(We had to take down the middle bracket because it just wasn't working with the white curtain being one piece instead of two.  We didn't really need it anyway and we can make adjustments if we need to, that's the magic of DIY.

Chocolate curtain going up!

And then the camera battery died.  :(

And that! is how you hang curtains for the first time in your very own house.

Price breakdown
white sheer curtain: $15
chocolate curtains: $30
curtain rod: $31

Since we've got three windows to do in our bedroom this probably wasn't the cheapest project ever, but......

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