Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Was a Short Love, But Love It Was

  Ya'll, I must be light-hearted today, I must!  (So don't hate if I'm not as depressed as you'd hoped.  Even in the face of ultimate disaster I laugh.)

Ya'll, (I said it again!), I fell in love today.  Love all over again.  Fell in love in The Lowes.  With Boots standing right there!  You see, for months I've been searching.  Searching for something more, something obtainable and perfect.  And I finally found it.

Hello lovah.

  Beautiful.  Stunning.  Gorgeous.  So bright and twinkly and fanny.  It was perfect, never mind the $300 pricetag:  low profile (sorta) to fit between the tall legs? tines? canopyless canopy? of our beds and a fan for the Bootshusband.  Yay.

  But then I went home and read reviews.  Pity.

  One person says the fan is quiet, another says its too loud.  Collectively they all say that it's not bright enough and the fan only blows directly underneath itself.  Short-lived love I tell you.

  Oh, well.  The search will continue.

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