Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 Weeks (or 1/3 done!)

  Today is the 12 week mark.  One more week until the first trimester is official done.  And how's this for a happy twelve weeks wish- my doctor's nurse called this afternoon to tell me that my pee test revealed a bacterial infection in my urine.  Oh, yay.  I didn't even know I was sick.  She called me in an antibiotic that I have to take three times a day for five days.  Maybe I'll be cured quickly.

  My iPad baby apps says that the kid is the size of a Key lime now.  I always wondered what the difference was between a "regular" lime and a Key lime.  A few months ago I read that a Key lime is from the Keys (duh) and smaller than a regular lime. And it probably tastes a little different too but, they're harder to find around these parts so right now I've got somewhat of a rare fruit.  Haha!

  Here's my twelve weeks photo complete with what looks like a "too many potatoes" belly.  Still looking more chubby than pregnant and my hair is particularly horsey today.  I decided not to even try and fight it since it's rained a lot the past couple of days.  And all my makeup has mostly disappeared after working all day.  Homely mama.  Dear Baby, I'm sorry- don't expect to get fashion from me.

  This baby thing still doesn't seem real some days. I'm still pretty surprised about it myself.  It probably won't seem like the real deal to me until the kid gets here.  Boots (and my sisters)  are ready for me to grow a big belly so they can rub on me like a genie.  I'm not granting any wishes though.  Unless they ask for funny looks or a swat!  Ya'll, please don't rub on me in public.  It's embarrassing!

  This one is blurry but, "I love my I'm not ready yet!" eyes.  My photographer was in a bit of a hurry.

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