Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mayhem's 4 Month Appointment

13 pounds, 10 ounces (that's 2.5 pounds gained in four weeks!) and 23 inches long (no change)

This time in the waiting room, a little boy screamed, "No, no, no, no, no!" all the way down the hall when his mom carried him to the back for his turn.

The medical professionals are pleased with his growth but say he needs more time on his stomach to help develop his upper body strength.  He only spends a few minutes on his stomach at a time because he pitches a fit until I flip him back over.  I've been unintentionally giving him his way this whole time and it never occurred to me that babies need to suffer a little in life too!  The nurse practitioner said that babies train us if we let them.

He got sleepy while we were waiting to be seen after weighing in and was not happy to be woken up by someone looking in his ears.  He pretty much screamed from then until we left.  He definitely didn't appreciate the shots in the thighs and didn't drink the liquid vaccine as fast this time either.  He fell asleep as soon as he was in the car and has slept most of the afternoon and went to bed early with a slight fever.

The nurse practitioner said he is a strong-willed child.  How she can tell that already I don't know, but if he is I'm not surprised: both his parents are hardheaded and stubborn!  (She liked his cloth diapers and said she wished those were around for her babies.  I'm starting to hear that a lot.)

Getting weighed on the scale

Wrinkling the paper on the table

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