Monday, June 24, 2013

Too Stupid to be Scared

  Earlier this afternoon, in a moment of certain genius (you'll want to quote me on that later), I let a strange man in my house.

I almost answered the door with my pistol.  He was wearing a backpack and a fanny pack which said "hobo" but ID tags and nice clothes which said "salesman."  Somewhere in there I thought "Jehovah's witness" and wondered if I should go get my Bible.

  So I put on my mad mama bear face and let him in.  (Cue collective gasp!)

  His name is Alan, he's from Estonia which is one of those little countries close to Russia.  He's a computer science major and for four years now he's been coming to America to peddle kids books for some company out of Tennessee during the summer.  What computer science and kids books has to do with one another I'm not really sure.

  He explained a few things about children's fun books not being educational and children's educational books not being fun.  Something about colors and shapes, blah blah blah, conversation took an expected detour when he asked about my former job (never fails to derail!) and then we talked about Mayhem taking lessons one day when he got distracted on the way to the bathroom by my grandmother's piano.

  He's very nice, educated, good looking, drives a grey Camry, and coming back in the morning to talk to me + Boots about children's educational fun books unless he comes tonight to kill us in our sleep which is a real possibility.

Do I have "sucker" tattooed on my head?  I just sold us to a possible ax murderer who's planning to flee the country in September and return to the mother land all because of some books that I don't even need!

  (He hit up all the neighbors too so we're all in for it!)

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