Monday, October 7, 2013

7 on the 6th!

Laughing at his daddy

This one is my favorite

This shot is just because of his hair.

Mayhem at seven months......
-Rolled over from his back to his stomach once on our bed, still not rolling regularly
-Sits really well and loves playing with his toys 
-Can stick his pacifier in his mouth if he wants to
-Puts everything in his mouth
-Says ababababa!
-Grunts in frustration
-Squeals really loudly and high-pitched when happy
-Likes holding his toes and trying to get them in his mouth
-Wears some 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes, it kinda depends on what fits over his head ;)
-Likes to be held so he can stand
-Laughs when you tickle him, blow on his belly, growl and kiss him, or eat him like an ear of corn
-Looks at you when you call his name sometimes
-Likes being read to, but wants to hold the book so he can chew on it
-Slides backward across the floor when he's on his stomach
-Digs his heels in the mattress to push himself around in the crib
-Wiggles and squirms when you dress him
-Loves to see himself in a mirror
-Holds my nose before he goes to sleep
-Gives big, wet open-mouth kisses all over your face
-Has the cutest laugh
-Still no teeth yet, but we brush anyway
-Tries to sneak and watch tv which has led to some creative tv-blocking screens in our living room
-Got too big to be swaddled and just sleeps under a blanket (this has worked out better than I would have imagined, even though he does get a little arm-flappy sometimes)


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oh man, he's so adorable, but you already knew that!

Rachel said...

Thanks! He's so much fun!