Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 33

Oh, Mayhem.  It seems like this past week of his life has been so full of changes!

He's not crawling yet, but he's going backwards and turning circles in the floor

He has a new smile- see that little nose squinch in some of the pictures?  That started Monday and it is the cutest thing!

Tuesday he started babbling da-da-da-da.  This is particularly sweet, even though we know it's just noise to him and he's not really trying to say daddy.  He tells himself little stories and laughs sometimes about whatever it is he said.

Last night was the first night in 36 days that he slept through the night.  I did not have to get up with him once and this morning I bounced out of bed like I'd slept 2 days.  I don't know if it's because we went back to swaddling him or because he didn't have his 5 o'clock nap.  I repeated the conditions again tonight, hoping that it happens again.

Lately, I've sort of developed an obsession with making baby food.  When I cook vegetables I kinda hope we don't eat them all so I can blend the leftovers.  It's a good thing I like it so much because he has started eating like he has a hollow leg or something!  He gets excited when he sees me with a jar in my hand and grunts and hoots at me for more when I don't feed him fast enough or the bowl is empty.  The top shelf in my freezer is full of little jars of pureed peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and peaches.  They're usually too watery on their own so I always mix it with a little baby oatmeal to thicken it and to make sure he's getting iron.

Things are so much fun around here!

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