Tuesday, June 17, 2014

15 Months

I thought I would get him all dressed up in clean jeans and a nice shirt, pose him in the yard, and take some artsy-fartsy pictures for this post, but that's not really what things look like around here unless it's Sunday.

Our days look much more like this...

I think 15 months is the funnest yet.  (I think I said that about 14 months and I'll probably say it each month from now until he's about seven years old I guess.)

He's 15 months old and I finally cut his nails.  I've been tearing them since he was born because I am absolutely terrified of cutting him and making him bleed.  And scream.  It only took Boots and the tv to distract him enough to give me confidence to do it.  And lots of, "Please be still!"

I love dirt freckles!

One day I was resting on the couch playing on my phone when suddenly a previously slobbered on birthday party horn was thrust between my lips and I was silently commanded to blow it.  Take note, when such things happen to you you are obliged to oblige.  Thankfully, he figured out how to do it himself about two days later.

Harmonica playing is another one.  We're getting real musical up in here.

One afternoon after Boots left for work and we'd all done our goodbye kisses I was trying to rock him for a nap.  He looked up at me and put his little hand on my cheek and pulled my face down to his and gave me a kiss on the lips.  My heart just broke into a million pieces right there in that rocking chair!  Boy loves his mama!

And I just can't take it when he raises his hands for his daddy to pick him up and then throws his little arms around Boots' neck!  I'm done for!

He knows what birds are and when he sees them flying he points and says, "burrr!"

He's playing with some of his toys differently.  Almost the way they're meant to be played with instead of just throwing them around.  Is this from being with older babies in his new class at church and watching how they play?

He still throws things around.

And four of my biggest pots have been converted into a kitchen drumset.

He tries to help me dress him.  He'll stick his feet out for socks and shoes and hold onto my shirt while trying to poke his feet through his pant legs.  He gets a little squirrelly trying to put shirts on though.

We spent four days at my aunt's farm last week and there was lots of chicken time with feeding them and gathering the eggs each day.  If you ask him what the rooster says he'll give you a pretty calm interpretation, just a simple, expressionless "er er."

We also did a fair amount of gardening while we were at my aunt's and to keep him from getting too bored I taught him to pick strawberries.  Or rather, I picked the strawberries and handed them to him and he took great delight in dropping them in the bucket.  Worked like a charm!

We also had a 15 month doctor appointment.  He weighed 24 pounds, 5 ounces (76 percentile) and is 32" tall (71 percentile) with a big ol' gourd head of 49 centimeters!  His little dot on the percentage charts keeps moving up which makes me very happy since he was less than 5% when he was born.

His nasty eye issue from last week turned out to be caused from an ear infection I didn't know he was having.  "Has that been affecting his sleep?" the doctor asked.  Yeah, right.  This kid has never slept well.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the doctor visit was the suggestion that maybe he needs a special nighttime lovey to help him sleep.  I was skeptical, but my aunt thought it might be worth a try so we bought him two brand new stuffed animals (a tiger I named Calvin and a dog I named Hank) only to be used for sleeping and kept in his bed.  

Maybe he didn't like being rocked as much as I thought he did or maybe there's some magic in those critters, but every night since then we read our books, pray, and I put him in his bed.  He flops around trying to get his nest made and jabbers while I sit on the poof and play on my phone until he goes to sleep.  He's been sleeping long stretches of several hours and only waking up once or twice a night.  It's like a dream I tell you!  

I still wake up several times because my body is apparently stuck on these tiny hour and half catnaps he's been giving me the past several months, but I'm definitely feeling more rested and haven't been needing any naps!

He's also at the wonderful age where he can do simple jobs if you show him, which comes in real handy when I'm trying to cook and can give him bits of things to throw in the trash.  I nearly fell over backwards the first time he put something back where it came from when I said to.

I downloaded a "learn a new language" app to my phone called Duolingo and when I play the little games and say the Spanish words he starts talking back to me like maybe English isn't his first language or something.

Scribbling with crayons is getting better too.  I'm not brave enough to try paint yet, but his teachers at VBS a few weeks ago were.  It won't be long now before we're doing all sorts of crafty things!

He still loves to read books and has started laying in the floor on his stomach pushing cars around.  Bouncing balls will always get you a laugh.

He knows nose, eye, ear, and belly button, but not mouth.

He's pretty good with a spoon and fork.

He's learning so much and we are having the best time loving him!

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