Monday, June 16, 2014

Saturday + Sunday

This Father's Day weekend was appropriately (and rarely!) filled with lots of Daddy time.

Saturday the three of us went to a morning birthday party on a little farm and one of us had lots of fun mocking the rooster.  That one also got the biggest kick out of tiny baby piglets running around and the other two laughed because he laughed.  Pigs are interesting even to me because they're one of the few animals I didn't grow up around.  Daddy always said no because "they'll eat you out of house and home."  The highlight of the afternoon was a nap before Boots went to work.

Sunday we all went to church and I forgot to take a picture of Mayhem and his daddy before.  I said I'd take one after, forgot again.  We ate lunch at Chipotle (my pick!) but we were too busy shoveling our burrito bowls into our faces to knock the rice off Mayhem's lips and think about smiling.  Then Boots decided to turn Mayhem's car seat around and that was a twenty minute ordeal in the parking lot.  After he was all hot and sweaty I gave up on the idea of a photo op.  Once we finally made it back home we all took a short nap and went for a long walk.

Pretty good weekend!

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