Friday, August 22, 2014

17 Months

It's hot y'all.  Really hot.  So hot that Mayhem is pointing to a bucket and saying, "Wah!" for water because it was 150* and he probably thought he was going to steam to death like I did when we took these pictures.

"Wah!" I said!

I'm probably going to get the Internet police sicced on me for this, but I can't help it-- he's so cute I'll risk it.  

(That's a BumGenius diaper, not a disposable swimmy by the way.)

My stepmom wanted him to play in her sprinkler so we stripped him down and manually passed him through the spray a few times until he got the hang of it.

I think he liked it!

Seventeen month old baby boys are crazy!  He took the water bubble out of my stepmom's flower pot, sucked the water out of it like a straw, and spit the dirt (mud by then) down the front of his shirt.

He still really likes eating and if you're using your fingers to give him a bite be careful!  We started calling him a little shark after apparently too much Shark Week on Discovery Channel and because of his "hahmpf!" sound effects.

He doesn't say "Mama" very often, but when he does it's because he's really really hungry.  It's dramatic.  Maaamaaaa!  Maaamaaaaa!  Like a sad sheep dying of starvation.

If he runs out of water or milk in his cup he'll shake it from side to side in your face like, "Helloooooo!  I'm empty here!"

He says bye or bye-bye to every one and everything.  Everything!  Even the salt when I put it back in the cabinet and shut the door.

He likes helping me in the kitchen so much it's crazy.  I can't even wash my hands at the kitchen sink without him dragging a chair over to see if I need help.

Speaking of dragging chairs: He climbed on top of the dining room table and threw about three glass jars that were waiting to be packed into the floor.  Nothing is safe!

He is super interested in trucks.  Dump trucks, log trucks, garbage trucks, utility trucks, pick up trucks.  Tractors, too.  And you should have seen him the first time he saw a school bus!

Birds are still an obsession.  He talks about birds in his sleep, when he first wakes up in the morning, any time he's near a window he can see outside, when he sees trees.  When he's walking around outside he throws his head so far back you think he'll fall over backwards and points up at the sky.  "Burrrr!"

He's started shaking his head no when he doesn't want something and once he said, "No, no, no!" in imitation of me reading it in a book one night.

We made a semi-big deal about his feet stinking when we took off his sweaty sandals one day, so now he pulls his feet up to sniff his toes and wrinkles his nose when we take any of his shoes off.

And now... 

Something else I'll probably get in trouble for...  

Yesterday was my dad's 50th birthday.  We had him a little surprise party and he really was surprised.  It was lots of fun for us, too!

He likes to stay off the grid, so if you know him DO NOT tell him you saw this picture of him on the Internet.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

"Like a sad sheep dying of starvation." I LOVED that visual!