Sunday, November 9, 2014

20 Months of Mayhem

(Not our door, btw.)

(Also not our corner.)

It was raining the day we took these, hence the dreary looking background.  Speaking of backgrounds, we moved!  More about that later, hence my "whatever" slash totally ok with imperfection pictures.  I'm tired, y'all.

Boys are wild!  Or, at least, this one is.  Tuesday night we came home from the store and while I put up the cold groceries he poured out the jug of laundry soap on the brand new carpet in our apartment.  After several hours of time spent with the carpet cleaner his near-perfect imitation of my "Oh, nooooo!" was hilarious.  Days later Boots and I are still laughing about it.

His vocabulary has exploded in a sputtery, not quite English sort of way.  He's saying so many words now, but they aren't perfect or clear usually.  It's ok though, I'm his mama and I know what he's saying.  "Outtt-side!"  "Nesssss!" for mess (I hear that one a lot.)  "Weeread" when he wants to read.  "Momo" for more.  "Spay" for spray.  "Wawa" for water.  "Jooooo" for juice.  He starts hooting Ah-ah-AH-AH! at me when he wants up or out.  The answer to every question is "unh-uh."  I try to be sure and pronounce things correctly so hopefully he won't speak this way forever.  But it's pretty cute right now.

He's still obsessed with trucks and asks, "What's that?" to things I have no clue what they are sometimes.  Road equipment and stuff like that.

Climbing on top of everything...

Since we've moved it seems like I have become more his number one person than ever almost.  Mama mama mamamama!  No one else will do!  Especially at 5:30 in the morning when I'm trying to have my few minutes of alone time.  Thank you, daylight savings time!

He is sleeping well though, and still eating everything in sight.  Besides a little sinus cold things have been pretty good in the Mayhem department.

(His daddy wants you to know that he hates those jeans Mayhem is wearing.  I thought they were cute.)


CoriolisSTORM said...

"Mayhem" huh? Glad to hear the move went as well as a move can.

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