Saturday, November 1, 2014


This time of year (Halloween through first week of November) makes me think back on the brief history of Boots and me.

2007- November-- we were at a U.S. Band concert at the college I went to (he and a friend crashed) and after talking about it we have decided we probably stood right next to each other-- this was before we met.

2008- Halloween-- the first time I ever laid eyes on him, but we were both distracted by other people at the party.

2009- November 4th-- We had been dating a few months at this point and went to a Sister Hazel concert.  He told me he loved me for the first time at the Mexican restaurant.

2010-2014--- married.  The End!  Just kidding!  But seriously, we've settled down and haven't been that exciting.  Maybe next year we could do something different and record-worthy.

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