Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Messy Apartment

Have you been on a virtual house tour before?  The ones with the pillows on the couch placed just so and the not half-dead plants?  Well, this is not that.  If I wait until things look like that you will never get to see anything because it's just not going to happen.  This isn't Pinterest, y'all, this is real life.  I've tried to cute things up, but I still have a lot to work on.  In the words of my daddy, "I ain't but one (wo)man and I can't do but one (wo)man's job."  Tired of waiting, I just grabbed the camera after nap time today and took a few quick pictures because you have to start somewhere, right?  

Here we are, come on in!

As soon as you step in the door to your right you see our living room.

To your left you see the dining room/kitchen.  And Mayhem.

Living room again.

This is my kitchen.  And laundry.

Y'all, if you have a dishwasher go kiss it.  Right now!  That thing is a luxury and you better appreciate it.  I've been asked if I'm cooking less since I have to hand wash everything and no, I'm cooking just as much, I've just really reallllly pared down the things I use.  3 plates, 3 bowls, 3 glasses.  No point in any more unless I have a party or something, which really isn't likely.

The stove is from the 70s.  It's a HotPoint which is the kind we took out of our house when we remodeled.  It must be a good one since it's still going.  Needs recalibrating though because it is HOT! I have no idea how to do that.  It's a pretty basic model, no timer, no window, just the knobs to turn it on.

Like my "H" world book and NatGeo wallpaper?  I just ripped 'em and taped 'em up.

Mayhem again, eating his snack.  My ironing piling up on the chairs.  Christmas books we haven't read and such on top of the freezer.  Our portable home office temporarily residing on the table.

If you look straight ahead from the door you're looking down the hall to the bedrooms, bathroom, and the rug I'm giving to my sister Haley.

Mayhem's room, as close as I can get it to his old room.

The closet doors are ordered they say.  Please hurry!  My eyeballs are suffering!

Bathroom, obviously.

Sink, cabinet, mirror.

Toilet shot!

Mine and Boots' bedroom.  I have intentions to make a headboard after Christmas when things settle back down.

Basket of blankets, Christmas stuff, boxes of books that need going through.

Looking toward our closet and the door.

Oh, yeah.  My curtain rod fell off the wall the other day.  Almost a week ago.  Really need to get on that.  But I'm sick, y'all!  I've got the bronchitis and an infection.  Went to the doctor yesterday (first time in 4.5 years), 3 shots, antibiotics, cough syrup.  Mayhem is not a good nurse.  He refuses to let me sit with a blanket.  I can't figure out what he's yelling while he's pulling it off of me.

Looking back up the hall towards the door.

Our closet.  It's pretty big.  I've got the dining room table, 6 chairs, and the china cabinet packed in there.  Our clothes really need organizing.  Everything is just throwed in there and lucky to even be hanging.

That's it!  Thanks for looking!

Got any suggestions for living in a small space?  Or do you know somebody that lives in the state of Alabama that might want an alarm system?  Ours is still in our old house and I don't like paying for something I'm not using.  Really gotta get that thing moved.

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