Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's My Most Favorite Post of the Year!

(Did you read that to the tune of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year a la Bing Crosby?  I did.)

Here we are, the end of December/beginning of January again.  I love these review-the-whole-year-in-one-post type posts that everybody does!  It's so much fun to look back and see what you did (or didn't do!) so easily.

My goal for Eating Crow Pie this next year is shorter, more frequent postings instead of some great, big something every once in a blue moon like I've been doing.  That should make it easier on us all, right?

Also, here are a few years past if you want to read them- 2013, 2012, and 2011.

January- Mayhem was 43, 44, 45, 46, and 47 weeks old, 10 months old, and remember it or not was once not a human garbage disposal.
February- Mayhem was 48, 50, and 51 weeks old, 11 months old, we did some stuff, and I wrote a flop of a book review.
March- Mayhem was 52 weeks old, we celebrated his first birthday with a party, I decluttered a little, we anticipated spring, and cut Mayhem's hair.
April- I did some gardening, Mayhem was 13 months old, I made bread, and it was Easter.
May- Mayhem was 14 months old, puny, and doing usual boy stuff, I had spring fever and tried to menu plan, and we had a busy weekend.
June- I made a quilt for Mayhem, he was 15 months old, and I was tired.
July- We went to a wedding, Mayhem was 16 months old, and I had a nightmare.
August- I thought about narcissism, finally shared some news, and Mayhem was 17 months old.
September- Mayhem was 18 months old, we took him to the doctor, and Frank came back inside.
October- Mayhem was 19 months old and I answered a big question.
November- It was finally November, Mayhem was 20 months old, and we moved.
December- I shared our apartment and what we'd been doing all month.
So, how was your year?  Anything to share?

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